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Facebook data is changing.

See how changes in the Facebook API affect you.


As you may have heard, Facebook has launched a number of initiatives to respect the privacy of its users.

Changes in the API will result in users having more control over what information 3rd party apps can see. For end users, this will mean they are able to better manage what data becomes publicly available.

For marketers, the big change will be in how public posts can be listened to.



Right now, we’re monitoring all public Facebook posts but the API change means that, from Saturday 30th May 2015 onwards, you will only be able to Listen to posts made on public Facebook Pages and not private profiles.

We’re adding over 3 million Facebook Pages to our data pool, so you may actually experience a peak in the number of mentions on Facebook.

This enhancement will help better refine your projects within Listen as you can be sure the results are from pages that are relevant to your brand.

An example: If we Listen to "Falcon io" and a user posts a status update to their friends saying 'Falcon io is great', we will not be able to retrieve this in Listen results - as this is private data. However, if the user posts 'Falcon io is great' on to a public company page, the post is public data and will show in our Listen project.