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Filters in Listen.

How to apply filters to Listen queries.

Sharpen your mentions with filters that cut the noise.

We now have language, country, sentiment, url, media, and Twitter Follower filters baked right into the query builder process that help you to generate more relevant, targeted results.

You are also able to filter out spam as well as your own content to see only the most relevant mentions and evaluate your campaigns and brand composition locally. 


1. When creating new topics or editing existing ones you can find Filters just below the Query Builder.

2. Simply choose appropriate filters from the drop-down menu, adjust the settings.

3. When you're satisfied with your query, press SAVE.





Language: With 183 languages to choose from you can find localized mentions. 

Country: Choose to narrow down the search results to a specific country associated with the Tweet. You can use operators IS (only retrieve Tweets from a specific list of countries) and NOT (exclude Tweets from the list of specific countries) to focus your search.

Sentiment: Filtering by positive, negative, neutral sentiment or no sentiment provides some qualitative indicators of your mentions. 

URL:  Search for a specific URL that appears in the mentions. You can use this for example, if you have a specific campaign page that you are promoting. 

Media: Find interesting user generated content with mentions only containing video and/or images. 

Twitter Followers Username: Retrieve Twitter mentions based on the author's follower count by selecting between 1 to RANGE to specify the minimum and/or maximum amount of followers desired.

Hot tip: Use multiple filters for exact searches. Be specific but not too granular.