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Build Your Query.

You can now Listen easily with our updated Query builder.


Within Listen you are able to monitor your brand presence, see what your competitors are doing, assess how your campaigns are performing and hear what influential people are talking about.

Our Query Builder helps you discover more relevant content on social media and from around the wider web.

Below is a quick guide to the Query Builder. For help with the Advanced builder, please click here.




1. Within Listen, create your Project and add a new Topic.

2. Name your Topic. You will now see the Query Builder.

3. Input keywords that your results must contain in the 1st text box.

4. To add context to your query, you can add terms in the 2nd text box.

5. If there are terms you want to exclude, enter these in the 3rd text box.

6. Pick which sources to listen to from the dropdown.

7. Under Filters, you're able to select a range of filters, as detailed below.

8. Click Save.

As you enter your query, live results will be displayed under the builder. Note, these are based on previously sourced data and are only an estimate of what your query will pick up.


Let's say you want to curate user-generated social media content based on the experience of attending a sports event at Yankee Stadium in New York.

In the 1st box of the Query Builder, you can enter the word Yankee. In the 2nd box, to add context, enter terms such as stadium, #Mlb and "New York" (note, you do not need to enter any operators here, just use a space). To exclude irrelevant mentions, you could add Rangers in the 3rd box for example.

To group a combination of words together or to include punctuation, use double quote marks, such as "New York's finest".

Next, to narrow down the results to Instagram and Twitter, use the Sources drop-down menu. To further filter by media type, you can select the Media filter in the Filters drop-down menu and select is followed by image. 

Using the above example, your final query will read: 

Yankee (Stadium OR #Mlb OR "New York") -(Rangers) (Media:image)

For help with the Advanced builder, please click here.