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Share mention content.

How to generate content from your brand monitoring activities.


Share directly, get inspiration for relevant and hot content, and be proactive when engaging with your customers and fans - all from within Listen.

The option to directly share a non-social mention on own channels or to use a mention as a source for content will complement, support and enhance your current social community management activities and editorial calendar in a simple and efficient way.

It's also possible to engage with Twitter conversations from Listening.


To access the Best Matches, go to Listen and select a Project. Select the Mentions view and use the sort view option to display Best Matches.




Once you have located Best Matches, select any of the non-social network tabs, e.g. Blogs & Comments, News or Classifieds. You will notice the share icon underneath each mention - click on it to open the sharing editor.  

The sharing editor enables you to share the respective mention immediately, schedule when the mention is to be shared, save it as a draft or even transfer it to the full Publish editor to apply all the features offered such as geo-targeting and labels.



The governance principles for ability to share from Listen are identical to those applied to the Publish section.

  • Administrators, Team Leaders and Editors have full access to the sharing feature
  • Content Creators are able to tap into the content, transfer it to the full Publishing editor and send it for approval or save it as a draft.
  • Moderators can see mentions, but are not able to share them.  



1. Please start by selecting the type of network you intend to share the mention to. The supported network types are Facebook, G+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Once you have selected the network type, start typing in the channel name. Mentions can be shared to multiple channels within the same network type.

Please note that the features available in the sharing editor will vary depending on the type of network you intend to share the respective mention on. 




3. For Facebook and LinkedIn networks you can upload a custom thumbnail image, adjust the mention itself as well as edit link caption and description fields for additional content improvement. 

4. Once you have finished the editing process, press the Share Now button to share the mention immediately. You can also choose to save the mention as a draft, which will be saved in the Drafts folder in Publish.

5. You can also schedule the date and time for when the mention should be shared. Ticking off the Schedule box will open the scheduling menu.

6. If you schedule a mention sharing, you will be able to locate the scheduled content in Publish

Hot tip: Moreover, you also have an option to transfer the mention to the full Publish editor by clicking on the Full Editor button. This will allow you to apply all the features offered such as labels, geo-targeting and newsfeed targeting.