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How to grant access to your Facebook Page.


To finalize connecting your Facebook Pages to Falcon, you need to grant the Business Manager sufficient access to these Pages. To do this, you must have administrator rights for the Pages on Facebook.

The access level that Falcon needs is “Page Editor”. We do not need to be appointed Page admins. 

If has not yet been granted access to your Facebook Page, under Channel settings this will be indicated by a status of “Incomplete”. 


Click the “Connect" button next to the channel status to initiate the process.

All admins of the Page will now receive a notification about requesting access and the Channel status will change to “Pending approval”. The request can take up to 15 - 30 minutes to complete and update in-app after access has been granted.

The Business Manager will automatically request access to your Pages. If you see the notifications illustrated below either in your Business Manager or individual Page Settings, kindly follow the required steps.



1) In Business Manager, navigate to either Settings > Requests:



Or find the request under Settings > Page Roles:



2) Accept the request to grant access to the Page.



1) If you don’t use Business Manager, the access request will appear on the personal profiles that Admins your Facebook Page.



2) Select the notification to be taken to the Page settings. Here, you’ll be asked to grant access to your Page.



3) Grant access to the Page by approving the request.



4) Finally, click Save in your Page Roles settings to complete the process.



And you’re done!

If you do not respond to the Falcon request for Page access, the Channel status will remain “Pending request” and the channel might disconnect completely at a later point.

If a Page admin declines the Falcon request for Page access, the Channel status will change to Request Rejected and you will be able to initiate a new request by clicking “Finalize setup” again.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support team via the in-app chat.