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System Requirements

Learn how to get the right system setup to make the most of

Here are the system requirements needed to ensure you get the most out of Falcon.



To gain the optimal experience from the Falcon platform, we recommend you use the latest two versions of a browser. You can check the current version you are using by going to the main menu of the browser and select About (About Chrome / About Safari / About Internet Explorer / About Firefox etc.). 


Chrome (evergreen)
Firefox (evergreen)
Safari (evergreen)
Microsoft Edge (evergreen)
Internet Explorer 11 (evergreen)


Note: The Google Chrome browser has proven to be the most stable environment for the Falcon platform. We highly recommend using Chrome for the most optimal experience. 



An important factor in the performance of Falcon on your system is whether or not you are accessing the Internet through a proxy server or a firewall.

Either setup could potentially hinder traffic and thus lower your experience with Falcon.

In case of performance issues, please check with your IT Department whether proxies and firewalls are in place. You can also check yourself as described here. If so, please contact your IT Department to get the following URLs whitelisted:







We recommend to turn off your Ad Blocker when using Falcon. The Advertise module in particular will experience loading issues when an Ad Blocker is active. 

Other Browser Extensions might also interfere with Falcon functionality. We advise to turn them off should you experience degraded performance or other issues. 

We do recommend using a Password Manager to generate and store unique and strong passwords for your Falcon account. Our recommendations are LastPassDashlane, or 1Password



To optimize your experience in regard to the Falcon platform, we recommend the following:

Processing speed

Be aware that additional programs, tabs and browsers use your RAM. When you run other programs this influences the performance of all your programs, and therefore the Falcon platform. When you use one or more "heavy" program(s) (e.g presentation, photo or video editing software) we recommend a minimum of 2GB RAM and upwards.

Internet Speed

Because Falcon is a SaaS platform operating in the cloud, the performance is highly dependent on your internet connection. For an optimal experience, we recommend a minimum internet speed of 1Mbps per user.