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Falcon Trial accounts - FAQs.

Get the answers to common queries during your Falcon trial.


We want you to make the most of your trial. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, with the simple solutions:

Q: Why can't I create a password for my trial account?

A: Password activation emails are valid for 2 days. If this time has elapsed, you can use this link to reset and create a new password. Also, profiles need to be created in the first attempt after opening the link in the welcome mail.

Tip: Check your email spam filter as the email sent from [email protected] could have been filtered out of your main inbox.

Q: I added a channel but can't see my posts in Publish or comments in Engage?

A: With Falcon's Team Management, it is possible for certain users to switch their view between multiple teams. For example, the head of the Marketing team could have access to different channels than a Customer Service advisor. You can check which view you are in by selecting your User avatar in the top right, and use the drop down to edit your team view.


Once you connect a channel to Falcon, please make sure you add it to the team that you are currently viewing.

To see which team you are currently in, click on your name on the top right corner. The first line in the right hand panel will show you the team name. Then, go to Organization (settings in Falcon) > Teams > click on Channels on the team card (team you are in now) > Manage channels > select needed channels > Save. Please refresh the browser.

You will now be able to see messages in Engage and Publish from your newly connected channels.

Q: Where do I add channels or users to Teams?

A: After connecting channels and adding users, you can assign these to teams in the Teams section of your organizational settings.

Tip: When creating your user profile, we recommend entering your First Name and Last Name in the relevant fields as this will help your colleagues in assigning tasks and with general auditing.

Q: Why is my data not in Measure right away?

A: For certain metrics in Measure, such as the Benchmarking of external Facebook pages, the system can be expected to display data within a period of one hour.

Q: How far back does data in Measure go?

A: For Facebook Insights API data, we go back to 01/01/2011. Benchmarking data of external Facebook pages is collected from the day you add the page to the Falcon platform.

Data for all other networks can be generated from the day you add the channels to Falcon.

Q: How quickly do mentions come in to Listen?

A: Mentions are pulled in to Discovery every 5th second. They will be forwarded to Recent Mentions right away and to the main report view every hour.

Tip: While initial results will show within an hour, we recommend allowing for 24 hours for insightful reports to be generated.

Q: How do I clear all my unread messages in Engage?

A: From within your organization's settings, select Channels and click the Edit icon next to the relevant channel. From the popup window, choose the date range to mark as read to and select Mark as read. The system will then mark any unread messages as read up until the date you choose.

Q: What's the best browser to use for Falcon?

A: While most modern browsers support Falcon, we do recommend you ensure that your Flash settings are updated.

Note, older versions of Internet Explorer (9 and below) will not support Falcon.

Tip: We also recommend that you whitelist the Falcon domain ( as well as

If you have any additional questions, please consult your Advisor, or contact [email protected]