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Quick Report: Benchmarking.

How to compare and measure your Facebook pages against other pages, both internal and external.

Notice: On February 5, 2018, Facebook changed the way third-party providers, such as Falcon, can access Page Insights. Therefore, Falcon is no longer able to pull the metrics displayed in the Benchmarking Quick Report or the Benchmarking module within Custom Reports.

As of February 28, 2018, we are making the following changes: 

  • We are disabling the creation of new Benchmarking Quick Reports.
  • We are disabling the creation of new Benchmarking modules in Custom Reports.
  • The existing Benchmarking Quick Reports and Benchmarking modules in Custom Reports will not show any metrics beyond February 5, 2018. The report and module will still be visible in Measure.

We are currently looking into a potential solution to regaining access to the metrics. We will communicate any updates on the Falcon platform. 


You can measure and compare the performance of your Facebook channels against others in your market.


1. To start, select the Benchmarking report under the Quick Report section

2. Choose which Facebook pages you would like to have in your report.

3. Your quick report will by default include the following metrics (hovering over the graphs will give you specific stats):

  • Total Page Likes: Shows the amount of fans the respective pages have and also displays a bar chart for the last seven days.
  • New Page Likes: Displays development in fan count for the selected pages.
  • Engagement Rate: Based on the number of people sharing stories about your page.

4. Name your report by clicking on the 'pen' icons  and editing the titles of the different sections.

5. Add to your report. Once you pressed the 'create report' your report will be created and saved for the future. Afterwards you can still change it, for example if you want to exclude particular metrics or add a module of interest.


Hot tip: By clicking on the 'i' icon, descriptions of the particular metrics will be shown.