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List of metrics.

An overview of all the metrics available for the different networks.


Facebook metrics:

  • Community (Most Engaged Users)
  • Page Engagement (Incoming DMs, Incoming comments, Incoming messages, Incoming posts, Page engagement rate, Page comments, Page fans online, Page negative action, Page post likes, Page posts, Page shares, Total page interactions, Unread messages)
  • Page Impressions (Paid page reach, Total page reach)
  • Page Post: Engagement (Post comments, Post engaged users, Post engagement level, Post likes, Post shares)
  • Page Post: Impressions (Fan post reach, Organic post reach, Paid post reach, Post reach, Viral post reach)
  • Page Stories and People Talking About (Page stories by story type)
  • Page Users (New page likes, New page unlikes, Page fans by city, Page fans by country, Page fans by gender and age, Page fans by locale, Total page likes)
  • Page Views (Page views)


Google+ metrics:

  • Profile Engagement (Incoming messages, Page comments, Page Interactions, Page posts, Page posts +1, Page shares)
  • Profile Users (New page +1, New page circled by, New page circles, Total page +1, Total page circled by)


Twitter metrics:

  • Profile Engagement (Incoming DMs, Incoming mentions, Incoming messages, Mentions, Retweets, Tweet likes, Tweet retweets, Tweets, Unread messages)
  • Profile Users (Followers, Followers to following ratio, Following, New followers, New following)


YouTube metrics:

  • Profile Engagement (Comments, Incoming messages, Interactions, Likes, Unread Messages, Videos, Views)
  • Profile Users (New subscribers, Total subscribers)


Instagram metrics:

  • Profile Engagement (Comments, Incoming messages, Interactions, Likes, Posts, Unread Messages)
  • Profile Users (Followers, Following, New followers, New following)


Hot tip: All metrics are explained in a tooltip directly in the report, for example Page fans by locale refers to the number of people who like your page based on default language settings.