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List of metrics.

An overview of all the metrics available for Facebook


Facebook metrics

Page level:

  • Page Impressions: Paid, Organic and Total Impressions
  • Page Reach: Total, Organic, Paid Reach
  • Page Reactions: total, like, haha, wow, love, sad, angry
  • Page Positive Actions: total, like, share
  • Page Negative Actions: comment, hide all clicks, hide clicks, x-button clicks, unlike page clicks
  • Stories by type: fan, coupon, user post, question, event, checkin, page post, mention, other
  • Page Consumption: link clicks, video plays, photo view, other clicks
  • Page User Engagement: Incoming comments, Incoming messages, Incoming DMs, Incoming posts, Unread messages
  • Page Fans: Fans Total, Fans Gained, Fans Lost, Fans Gender Distribution, Fans Age Distribution, Fans Country, Fans City, Fans Language, Fans Online - Daily, Fans Online - Hourly
  • Page IPM
  • Page Most Engaged Users: Comments, Posts, Engagement score
  • Page Views (Page views)
  • Page Video Views: Total, Organic, Paid 


Post level:

  • Post Reach: Total, Organic, Paid
  • Post Fan Reach
  • Post Engaged Users
  • Post Impressions
  • Post Likes
  • Post Comments
  • Post Shares
  • Post Engagement level
  • Post Consumptions: total, Link Clicks, Photo views, Video plays
  • Post Negative Feedback: Hide post, Report as Spam, Hide all posts, Unlike a (Page)
  • Post Video Views: Total, Complete, Not finished, Autoplayed, Click to play, Sound on, Sound off
  • Post Average Watch Time