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Enable Direct Instagram Publishing From Falcon.

Publish single post images from Falcon and track advanced metrics for the correct Instagram channel

Falcon uses the new Instagram Graph API, which lives under the Facebook Graph API, to allow direct publishing from Falcon AND bring you the best reports on all of your Instagram activities. To be able to use this great new feature, it is important that you connect your Instagram account to Falcon via your Facebook page. 

Below are the necessary steps you need to take in order to connect an Instagram account to publish directly as well as pulling all the advanced metrics for the Instagram channel you are tracking. 

What to do on Facebook

To be able to directly publish from Falcon, it is important that you have a Facebook Business Profile. If you don't have a business profile yet click here to learn how to convert your profile. If you already have a Business profile you can simply follow the steps below.

1.Make sure that your Instagram Business Profile is connected with your Facebook Business Manager. Open your Business Settings in Facebook and click on Instagram Accounts, your Instagram account should be listed here. If there is no Instagram Account listed, please click here and follow the steps to create an Instagram Business Account.

What to do in Falcon

If this is your first time connecting an Instagram account to Falcon, please read more here

1. The user with an Admin / Team Leader permission needs to open the Settings in Falcon, select Channel, and click on Add Channels in the top right-hand corner. You already have added your Channel? This step is still necessary, because adding a new Channel also means that your Channel will be refreshed. Only if you add your Channel again, you are able overwrite the old information and enable Instagram direct publishing through Falcon.

2. Under the Facebook logo, click on Connect. This will initiate the Facebook connection flow. 

3. Open a separate tab in your browser and log into Facebook using the same credentials you used to link the Instagram account in the first Step-by-Step. 

4. Back in Falcon, select the Facebook page that claimed the Instagram business profile. Select "Connected channels administered by you," click on Show to see the Facebook page. 

5. Select the channel and click on Connect Channel. The window will refresh, confirming the connection in Falcon. Click on Finish in order to complete the connection. 

6. Now you should see that both the Facebook page and the Instagram business profile have been connected.

You are now set to directly publish in Instagram and create reports in Measure.

How to Create an Instagram Business Account

To create an Instagram Business Account, it has to be connected to your Facebook page. To enable this, it is important that you are an Admin of the Facebook Page.

1. On your Facebook Business page, go into Page settings and claim an existing Instagram account or create a new Instagram account. This is required in order for us to be able to query that Instagram account's metrics into the Falcon platform. 

2. Click on Get Started under "Switch to a Business Profile"

3. Follow the prompted messages. In order for your Instagram account to be properly converted to a Business Profile, you will need to provide an email address, phone number, or a website.

4. Once this is complete, refresh your Facebook channels in Falcon by following the steps below. 

Note: The connection to the Instagram business profile will expire after 60 days by default. In addition to this, only one Facebook business page may claim one Instagram business profile.