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How to set & report on service targets

Meet SLAs, using service target reporting


Your customers will increasingly take to social to communicate with your brand. It’s important to set expectations for how quickly they can expect a response.

Falcon allows you to set service targets for your social support teams to work to and report on.

For example, you may state in your Twitter bio that all comments will be replied to within one hour. It would then be useful to report on how many of the replies sent through Engage met your specified service target.



1. Within your Organization settings, choose a team (e.g. Social Support)

2. Under Service Target, enter the goal (in hours and minutes)

3. Click Save.

4. Then within Measure, select Create Report

5. Choose Team Performance

6. Choose the team to report on (e.g. Social Support)

7. Click Create Report


Your Team Performance report will show how the percentage of messages that are replied to within your service target.

For existing Team Performance reports, you will need to edit your report, using the pencil icon, and add the new service target module.