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How to download old Instagram reports

With the introduction of new Instagram channel reports, we are deleting the old reports on August 4, 2017


The Instagram metrics previously available in Falcon were limited to a few high-level figures, such as follower growth, likes and comments. But as Instagram has grown in importance for marketers and brands, the demand for more insights on reach and engagement has also increased. So when Instagram offered us to join the exclusive Alpha development program for their new Insights API platform, we were thrilled about the opportunity.


We are excited to unveil the new Instagram reports to you on July 31. In the meantime, here are the necessary steps you need to take in order to download the old Instagram reports. They will be deleted from Falcon on August 4


1. Go to Measure and find your report with the old Instagram metrics. 

2. Select the date range of your choice and click on the download icon in the right top-hand corner.

3. Choose your format and the file will automatically save onto your computer.