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Copying Content.

How to copy your posts and re-use the content with one simple click.


The copy content feature can be found within Publish either inside the relevant Content by State section, in the Content Pool or in the calendar overview. Please note that users will only be able to copy content from channels to which they or their team have access. 


1. Select the post you would like to use and select Copy, which will open the respective post inside the publishing editor.

2. If needed, adjust or edit the content and then proceed to selecting the network type and one or more associated channels to publish the content to.

3. Localize the content by adding newsfeed and geo-targeting options.

4. When your post is ready, select Publish to bring the copied content online.



Copy Calendar

Hot tip: For inspiration when creating your posts, check out your organization's Content Pool. Learn more about our in-platform asset library here