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Create Facebook Ad Campaigns & Ad Sets.

Create, deliver and optimize the performance of your ads.


Facebook advertising continues to be an essential part of any digital marketer’s toolkit, and we’ve made it easy to start seeing real business results from a platform used by over two billion users. You can now create Ad Campaigns and Ad Sets directly from Falcon.

Note, this feature requires a Facebook Ad Account to be connected to Falcon.




1. Go to Publish
2. Draft a Facebook post
3. Click on Create New Ad Set  within the Promote section
4. Choose the Ad Account you want this campaign to be created in
5. Pick an advertising objective*, name the campaign and choose the max spending across Ad Sets (optional)
6. Select your target group or create a new one directly in Falcon
7. Choose if the placement of your ads should be automatic or manual - Note, it’s possible to select Instagram as a placement for your ad. Read more.
8. Choose how long you want your ads to run and define the budget for this ad set
9. Review the summary and name your ad set
10. Press Create and you're done

*Note: Make sure your Ad blockers are disabled, otherwise it will not work.


If you require further assistance, please reach out to us in-app or via [email protected]