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Facebook Custom Audience Creation.

Import your profiles from Audience to re-target them with your ads.

Facebook allows Advertisers to target specific Facebook users through Custom Audiences. You can now convert Falcon Audiences to new Custom Audiences directly from Falcon’s Ad Set creation flow. 




1.Start creating a new Ad Set.

2.In the “Targeting” step, click “Create a new targeting group”.

3.Expand the extra options clicking on "More options".

4.Click the "CREATE"button on the right side of the Custom Audience search box. 

5.In the popup, pick a Falcon Audience from the menu.

6.Edit the name for the Custom Audience if needed.

7.Click the button "IMPORT"

Note: We suggest to import Audiences with at least 1000 emails or phone numbers, in order to get an high conversion rate to actual Facebook users.


You can also export Falcon Audiences to Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences from the Audience section:




1.Go to the “Audiences” section within the Audience product

2.Hover over the audience you would like to export*

3.Click on the Facebook icon

4.In the pop-up, pick a Facebook Ad Account you would like to access

5.Edit the name of the Custom Audience, if needed

6.If you would like to also create a new Lookalike Audience based on the Custom Audience you are creating, check the box “Create Lookalike”

7.Pick a name for the Lookalike Audience, the country you want to target and the percentage of potential population you would like to reach, similar to the profiles of the Custom Audience (from 1 to 10%)

8.Click the “EXPORT” button


*Note: We suggest that you import Audiences with at least 1000 emails or phone numbers in order to get a high conversion rate to actual Facebook users. You need at least 100 matches in order to expand your Custom Audience with a Lookalike Audience.


Since the Facebook process to match profiles exported can take up to 1 hour, we will send you an email when the Lookalike Audience is created or rejected (in case there are not enough matches).


If you require further assistance, please reach out to us in-app or via [email protected]