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FAQ: Facebook Link Ownership tool.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Facebook Link Ownership tool.

Please noteOn May 8, 2018 Facebook will deprecate the ability to claim links via the link ownership tool. After this date, the only way to retain link customization abilities is by claiming the website via Domain Verification in Business Manager. We encourage all Falcon customers to claim ownership of your domain as described in the following article

Q: What is the Link Ownership tool?
A: The Link Ownership tool allows Page admins to verify that they own a link. Once verified, a Page will be able to edit link previews for only the links and domains they own.

Q: Does my Facebook Page need to be verified to have access to the Link Ownership tool?
A: No, both verified and unverified Facebook Pages have access to the tool under Publishing Tools in Settings. In the left-hand column, if you see the tab ‘Link Ownership’ then your Page has access.

Q. If my Facebook Page doesn’t have access to the Link Ownership tool, how can they get it?
A: Please reach out to your Facebook CP/CSM to request access to the tool.

Q: Do I need to be an Admin on my Facebook Page in order to have access to the Link Ownership tool? 
A: No, all user levels on the Facebook Page have access to the tool. 

Q. Will there be a Graph API update that will let you claim that you own a link?
A: No, ownership requires the owner of a website to make configuration changes to their website. Once this has been set up, Facebook’s crawler verifies that information. It’s also possible to programmatically trigger the crawler to re-scrape a URL using the POST /id={URL} Graph API endpoint.

Q: When will this Graph API endpoint be available publicly?
A: It will be part of the v2.11 API release on October 17.

Q: What does the future of link editing look like?
A: Facebook is committed to developing solutions that address link post metadata editing needs, and these Graph API endpoints is a step towards that. By verifying link ownership through Open Graph tags Facebook can support the link editing needs of publishers and advertisers for the websites they own and also protect the community from misinformation.