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FAQ: LinkedIn post targeting.

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With Falcon, you can target your LinkedIn posts to a specific segment of your followers. Below are the most common questions received about LinkedIn post targeting.

Q: Can I target my post by language?

LinkedIn API does not allow targeting by language at the current moment.


Q: Can I combine different targeting options as on LinkedIn?

This functionality is currently a limitation of the LinkedIn API.


Q: Geo-targeting on user level will still only apply to Facebook and not LinkedIn content. Why?

  • Facebook’s country & language targeting works as audience restriction (post is only accessible to audience within the specified targeting), while on LinkedIn, targeting only specifies who should see the post in their feeds and does not limit the audience (post can still be accessed by anyone on the timeline of the page).
  • Facebook supports multiple targeting options (e.g. several countries or languages) but LinkedIn’s API only supports only one targeting option at a time, so you cannot combine multiple options.
  • Facebook supports both country & language restrictions, but LinkedIn only the country restriction.
  • LinkedIn’s country targeting list is different and shorter than Facebook’s, therefore targeting some countries will not work.


Q: Why are the targeting options in Falcon different from those available on LinkedIn?

As a third-party developer is dependent on which options LinkedIn chooses to open up for external parties. At the moment, LinkedIn’s API allows targeting updates by geographic location, industry, company size, job function and seniority, but not language. Also, the options in each of these categories are slightly different from those available on LinkedIn itself. You can find the full list of options for each category supported by LinkedIn’s API below:

Geographic location (

Industry (

Company size (

Job function (

Seniority (


Q: Why is the estimated follower count in Falcon different from the number provided natively on LinkedIn?

The estimated follower count for a specific targeting option by channel is a number retrieved directly from LinkedIn. They have two different numbers for estimating targeted follower count on LinkedIn - one is displayed before publishing a targeted post and the other after the targeted post is already published:

The values of these two numbers are often different and unfortunately only one of them (“Targeted to” follower count) is available through LinkedIn’s API. Therefore, if you experience any issues with posts failing due to target audience being too small, it is recommended to double check the audience size for a specific targeting option natively on LinkedIn itself.

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