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Facebook Link Editing via Page Ownership Tool.

Claim your URLs to customize link metadata for all Facebook posts.

Please note: On May 8, 2018 Facebook will deprecate the ability to claim links via the link ownership tool. After this date, the only way to retain link customization abilities is by claiming the website via Domain Verification in Business Manager. We encourage all Falcon customers to claim ownership of your domain as described in the following article


The Link Ownership tool provides a way for Facebook Page admins to claim the links they own or are associated with. Facebook now offers beta access to allow for the safe editing of link post metadata. This upcoming change enables checking to see whether a Facebook Page is the owner of a URL and allows verified link owners to overwrite the scraped metadata and edit link posts.




  1. Go to your Facebook Page and click Publishing Tools. In the left-hand column, click the tab that says “Link Ownership.”
  2. Find the “Authorize Pages” section in the middle of the page and follow the directions to highlight and copy the Open Graph markup tag shown (this is the tag that says <meta property=”fb:pages” content=”########” />).
  3. (You will need to coordinate with your website’s webmaster for this step) Open your Content Management System (CMS) and input the tag in the <head> tag of your website’s HTML. Note: Your site configuration and how you would like to grant editing access may vary. If you would like to only grant link post modification access for specific sections of your website, you will need to choose where in your code you would like to indicate Page(s) have access for editing (i.e. if a Page should only have link post modification access to the sports section of your website, you should find the section of code that controls only this section).
  4. Paste the Open Graph markup tag that you copied from Publishing Tools into this section of your code. After this step the code has now authorized the Facebook Page to modify metadata of page posts that link to this website. Note: To authorize multiple Facebook Pages for one website domain, copy and paste into your code Open Graph markup tags from each of the Pages you would like to grant link ownership. To be able to modify links from multiple domains, a Page’s Open Graph markup tag must be pasted in each website’s code.

<meta property="fb:pages" content="YOUR_PAGE_ID1" />
<meta property="fb:pages" content="YOUR_PAGE_ID2" />
<meta property="fb:pages" content="YOUR_PAGE_ID3" />



  1. In Publishing Tools on your Page, find the section labeled “Verify,” and follow the direction to fill the open field with the domain you expect to have link ownership with.
  2. Click the “Verify URL” button.
  3. If you have successfully enabled link post editing for your Page, a green checkmark will confirm your site is connected to your Page. If your Page has not successfully connected with your website, a red box will indicate you need to reconfirm the link ownership steps.
  4. If you added multiple Pages’ Open Graph markup tags to your website, you can use the Facebook Share Debugger to verify that Facebook crawler is scraping all the tags that you added.

Once you have successfully completed the steps to indicate ownership between your Page and the URL, you will be able to customize metadata when publishing the URL to that Page both via Falcon and natively on Facebook.

For the FAQ article on the Facebook Link Ownership tool, please click here