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Plan your campaigns in Publish.

Take control of your calendar with Campaigns.


Within Falcon's powerful Publish calendar, you can align your social activity with the rest of your marketing efforts by marking important dates, setting reminders and adding stock content to campaigns.

Equip your teams with the material and information required to execute social marketing campaigns throughout the year with the Campaign Planner.

Once you setup your campaign plan within Publish, campaign markers will be visible to all applicable teams and can be created and edited by all Falcon users.

Reminders can be created so individuals receive an email ahead of the campaign.




  • Within Publish, select Create campaign, or navigate to a day on your calendar and select Add Campaign
  • In the Campaign brief, enter the title and enter the date/time the campaign should start 
  • Under Details, add the campaign description
  • Add relevant labels (note, all labels will be applied to your stock content within the campaign)
  • Specify the teams responsible for the campaign
  • Select the color of the campaign - this will show as a marker in your calendar
  • Add a reminder, if required. You can select a user or team to receive the reminder, while also specifying when the reminder email should be sent
  • Use the check box to choose whether or not to notify the team via email about the new campaign
  • Next, under Stock Items, you can create new or add existing stock (text or imagery) from Content Pool to your campaign for use later on
  • Select Save and your campaign will be shown in the Calendar


To create or schedule posts using the stock items, open your saved campaign from the Calendar, select Stock Items, and click Copy to Editor on the piece of stock you want to use.

Within the Publish editor, you'll then be able to pick the network/channel to post to, as well as editing the content, add targeting, scheduling or send for approval as with any other post created in Falcon.

What users can create Campaigns?

All users who can create content can create campaigns (Content Creators, Editors, Team Leaders, Administrators).

Deleting Campaigns
Only Administrators and the creator of a campaign can delete it. 
When a campaign is deleted, it is deleted for all teams assigned to the campaign and is no longer visible in the calendar.