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Post multiple images in a tweet.

Make your content stand out by adding more pictures to tweets.


Within Publish, you can make your Twitter content stand out by adding multiple images to your tweets.



Whether it's an innovative image quiz contest, a showcase of your recent product line launch or a behind-the-scenes special series of images, you can now show your followers the bigger picture.



1. Within Publish, select create a new post, and choose your Twitter channel(s).

2. In the editor, add your text content and select the Upload Photo option.

3. Select between 1-4 image files (max. file size 3mb). Note, only single-image tweets support .gif files. Tweets with multiple images do not.

4. Edit the individual images with the Photo Editor, if desired.

5. Add labels/schedule/approver as necessary.

6. Select Publish/Schedule and your tweet will be published or scheduled.

Tip: Tweets with multiple images can also be re-purposed and copied across Twitter channels in the Content Pool.

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