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How to remind users to post to alternative networks

Schedule prompts for teams to post on Instagram, snapchat etc.


Utilizing Falcon’s Campaign Planner is a great way to equip your teams with the assets needed to create successful social campaigns.

Sometimes, digital assets go beyond Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ or LinkedIn.

With the Campaign Planner, you can create Stock Items and assign campaigns to teams. Teams can then receive an email notification describing the campaign along with access to the images uploaded as stock.

You can then save an image from the emails and utilize them on alternative networks.

Here's an example of taking an image from the reminder email and publishing to Instagram.




  • Using the Campaign Planner, create a new campaign, set the date/time of the campaign, the teams responsible and pick a color.
  • Set a reminder for the user and specify the time for the reminder email to be sent.
  • Under Stock Items, create a new piece of stock with the text and image to be used in the Instagram post.
  • Click save on the Campaign.
  • When the reminder email is sent, the receiver will be able to see the image in their mobile email client.
  • From the email, save the relevant image to your device's image library & copy any relevant text.
  • Within the Instagram app, select the image you saved, paste in the text and publish.

Note, Instagram’s API does not allow for third parties to publish posts directly.