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Tag Facebook pages.

Build your engagement by mentioning or tagging other Facebook pages.


When creating a Facebook post in Publish, it is possible to tag other Facebook pages within your content.

Whether it's mentioning a celebrity who is endorsing your product, providing fans with a link to a local page you'd like to promote or giving a shout out to an affiliated channel, mentioning pages lets you spread your message in an engaging way.





1. Within Publish, select Create Post and choose your Facebook page.

2. In the main editor, enter the text content of your post.

3. To tag a page, simply type an @ sign, followed by the name of the page.

4. Select the page from the dropdown menu and the mention will be added.

5. Either schedule, publish or send your content for approval as usual.


Note, Falcon will offer suggested pages based on the first letters you type after the @ sign - as shown in the example screenshot.

It is possible to tag/mention Facebook pages in all status updates, album descriptions and in individual photo descriptions. 

For more assistance with tagging pages, please contact us via [email protected]