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Set up Instagram Ads.

Create Instagram Ads with ease from Falcon's platform.


You can easily take control of your social media advertising budget by connecting your existing Facebook Ad Accounts and promote new or existing content directly to Instagram from the Falcon platform.



1. Go to the Settings section of a Facebook page you are an admin of
2. Select Instagram Adverts


3. Click on Add an existing account


4. Claim an existing Instagram account or create a new one


5. Once compete, go to Business Manager and claim a new Instagram Account in the Instagram account section


6. Input your username and password and select which Ad Account will be to advertise on the Instagram account


7. Once confirmed, your Ad Account can advertise content on the Instagram account


8. Connect Ad Accounts with Instagram privileges under Channel Settings in Falcon to advertise directly from the platform


9. Now, when creating a new Ad, pick an Ad Set with Instagram placement, and you will be able to create Instagram Ads. If the Instagram placement is the only one chosen, you can create Ads specifically for Instagram.


If you require further assistance, please reach out to us in-app or via [email protected]