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LinkedIn Ads Insights.

Monitor the performance of your promoted posts on LinkedIn

Maximize your LinkedIn advertising efforts and costs with a more data-driven approach. Use the LinkedIn ads insights now available in Falcon to optimize or create advertising campaigns that increase your ROI. Here is how to access and decipher your LinkedIn ads insights. 

From the Publish module, under the Content menu, click on Published. Here you will have an overview of all published posts. You may filter by networks to view published LinkedIn posts only. Once filtered, you can identify the promoted posts by the "megaphone" icon next to it. 

By clicking on a promoted post you will be taken to a new page that will show you the details of the promotion on three levels: 

  • Ad Account from which the campaign was run. 
  • Campaign identifier. 
  • Creative, or a specific ad, under a particular campaign. 


By clicking on the ellipses next to an Ad Account, Campaign, or Creative, you will open a new pop-up window that shows the different metrics on the performance of that promoted post. We show the total values of all metrics offered by LinkedIn. You are also able to select a specific metric to be shown on a timeline (in blue), along with the cost per result (in yellow). The time frame depends on when the ad was created.


Hot Tip: In the Content Calendar you will gain an overview of all your LinkedIn activities by seeing sponsored posts alongside organic posts. Look for the megaphone icon on promoted posts. 

Note: In the current iteration, Falcon does not support creating or managing LinkedIn promoted posts directly from our platform. At this time, we also do not show dark shares and their promotions (also called Direct Sponsored Content). 


If you require assistance with this or any other Falcon features, get in touch through the platform's in-app chat.