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How to employ notes in editorial collaboration.


Tired of long email threads crowding your editorial inbox? We've taken collaboration in Publish one step further by introducing Notes, where users are now able to add notes and communicate about individual posts in Publish.

Notes allow you to provide helpful feedback and have a conversation about content between multiple users involved in the content creation process. For example, if a Content Creator needs assistance formatting a proposed post, other team members can give valuable insight and suggestion changes prior to publishing without resorting to exchanging long email threads. 


Notes in the Publish Editor

After completing a draft of a post, team members can offer insight in regards to helpful edits that will increase the popularity of your posts.

Once a new note has been added, an e-mail notification is sent out to users who have previously left a note in the post conversation, to the author of the post, and to any approvers that have been assigned to the post. 




Notes in the Content Pool

You can also use Notes in the Content Pool. Users with access to the Content Pool can now collaborate and give feedback regarding both published posts and stock items.

To access the Notes feature in the Content Pool, simply select the item you would like to use, and the mini-editor will appear. You can view existing notes from other Content Pool viewers and contribute to the conversation.



Note - Any user that has access to Publishing can add a note to a publication in Falcon before it gets published (draft, awaiting approval, scheduled).