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How to post GIFs to Twitter and Facebook

Learn how to make your content stand out by inserting GIFs into your Facebook and Twitter content.


Within Publish, you can make your Twitter and Facebook content stand out by adding GIFs to your tweets and posts.


Adding GIFs to Twitter

To include GIFs in your tweets, you can save the GIF you would like to use as a gif-file and then simply upload it as a photo when you create your tweet in Falcon.



Adding GIFs to Facebook posts

To include GIFs in a Facebook post, you can include the image location link of the GIF in your post. This link you can retrieve from the GIF image by right-clicking and choosing “Copy Image Address”:




This image location link you can now include in your Facebook post and the animated GIF will be displayed. Once the link content is fetched make sure to delete the link again from the editor in order for the GIF to be displayed correctly on Facebook later:



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