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Realtime Reach.

Understand how your Facebook posts are being consumed - in real time.


Falcon’s graphical Realtime Reach overview provides you info on what just happened to your Facebook post. Data is refreshed and aggregated every 15 minutes. Your team of content creators are now enabled to review and take action to optimise your performance.

In Publishing, go to Realtime Reach to visualise graphically how your content has performed across paid, owned, and earned.



Realtime Reach helps you understand:

  • What time of the day your content gains the most reach
  • How effective your ad spend was
  • When to boost content to extend your reach to reach your target audience
  • What content goes viral
  • View by day to see hourly performance, or zoom out to get an overview for three days, five days, and one week.





Within Falcon, we have defined your reach in terms of Owned, Earned and Paid. 

  • Owned reach = The number of unique people who saw your post in News Feed, ticker or on your Page.
  • Earned reach = The number of unique people who saw this post from a story published by a friend. These stories can include liking, commenting or sharing your post, answering a question or responding to an event.
  • Paid reach = The number of unique people who saw this post through an ad.