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Targeting LinkedIn Posts.

Take advantage of tailoring your LinkedIn content to specific audiences.

LinkedIn offers a great way to connect with professionals who could help improve your business, whether it's identifying influencers, marketing your B2B solution or for attracting potential employees.

When sharing content on LinkedIn through Falcon, you can feed-target your post based on any combinations of the following attributes:

  • Geographic location
  • Language
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Job position
  • Seniority


Targeting allows you to narrow your focus and speak to the people that will most likely connect with the content that you target.



1. In Publish, create a new LinkedIn post.
2. Under Targeting, select one or more of the targeting options.


Once the LinkedIn post is published, the targeting options used for this post will be applied.

Please note: In order to share content with a specific audience, that audience should match at least 300 of your page followers. If you do not meet this requirement, set by LinkedIn, your post will fail.