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User Guide: Create Ad Campaigns and Ad Sets

For Beta testers only.


Thank you for taking part in our beta for Ad Campaign and Ad Campaign creation.

Facebook advertising continues to be an essential part of any digital marketer’s toolkit, and we’ve made it easy to start seeing real business results from Facebook – a network used by over 1.7billion users.

The beta will run for a week, and we invite you to submit as much feedback about your experience of using the new functionality as possible.



Make sure you have ad account connected, you can the status of your ad accounts: here

To connect a new one, just follow this simple guide: here



The first iteration of Ad Campaign and Ad Set creation will have the following limitations:

  • Creating a new target audience on Falcon will not be available. To create a new audience, you will need to create one on Facebook first and it will be imported. You will be able to create a new target group directly in Falcon upon final release of this feature.
  • We support all campaign objectives that can facilitate boosting page posts. Your marketing objective can be one of the following: Link Clicks, Conversations, Post Engagement, Video Views, Page Likes, Brand Awareness. You won’t be able to select: Offer Claims, Event Responses, App Engagement or App Installs. 



1. Go to Publish and draft a Facebook post
2. Go to Promote and select Create New Ad Set
3. Choose which Ad Account you want to use for this campaign
4. Pick a marketing objective (note, you need to ensure ad blockers are disabled).

You can choose objectives from:

» Link clicks
» Conversions
» Post Engagement
» Video Views
» Pages Likes
» Brand Awareness

You can also choose an existing campaign.

5. Name your campaign and indicate max spending across assets (optional)
6. Select your target audience or create a new audience (this action will send you to Facebook to create it there)
7. Choose how long you want yours ads to run and define the budget for this ad set.
8. Review the summary and name your ad set
9. Upon finish you will receive an in-app message to submit your feedback