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Welcome our Chrome extension | May

Keep up to date with what is new in the Falcon social media management platform.


We are welcoming the Chrome browser extension into the Falcon family. Install it today! The extension allows users to add images and pages directly from the browser into the Content Pool in a few simple clicks. You can say goodbye to the cumbersome right-click-to-save images and bookmarking websites. Plus, each image and page is saved with an automatic "From Chrome" label so that you can filter for it when creating your post or campaign. 

Facebook advertisers on Falcon can now add the Message objective when creating a new ads campaign. We also added a new CTA for link posts called “Send Message," which automatically opens a Messenger chat when clicked natively from Facebook. Use of messages on Facebook is a great way to start conversations with customers, generate leads, drive transactions and offer top-notch customer support. Now we’re making it easier for advertisers to re-engage those conversations using sponsored messages.


We added the Tracking ID parameter in the Campaign Tracking tool, which will distinguish the link across multiple posts. Read more about Campaign Tracking and how it can you calculate the effectiveness of one social media campaign over another.

And last but not least, Albanian is now available as a locale when geo-targeting Facebook posts and we've increased the character limit from 600 to 700 on all types of LinkedIn posts. 



The Facebook Content Performance module within Channel Reports just got easier to navigate. We have introduced a filter option so now you can view Content Performance by video, link, photo, or any combination of the three that suits you the best. 



Managing all labels throughout Publish, Engage and Audience is now available to all Administrators. Searching, creating, editing, merging, and deleting labels from a single interface is the perfect way to keep them clean and organized. And to ensure that they stay streamlined, there is a functionality to restrict label creation to Administrators only. Plus, within the Label Management view, Administrators can gain an analytical overview of how many of a certain label has been applied to posts, stock items, profiles, etc. Read about Label Management here and make sure to check out this live class on label strategy



In the most recent mobile update the Hub, Engage and Quick Publish mobile apps for iOS now support Keycloak login. Users can now long using their social networks and SSO, if it is enabled by their Administrator on Falcon. This fixes minor issues related to lost passwords, changed passwords and push notifications not being delivered on mobile. Read more about social login on Falcon. 

Remember that you can always check our latest feature releases in the “What’s new” section of the platform without ever leaving Falcon.