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Collaboration in Publish | October

The Release Log documents what's new in the platform.


Below is the summary of what’s new in the Falcon platform for the week commencing 10th October 2016.


  • Collaboration in the Editor and the Content Pool just got even easier. You can now mention your colleagues in Notes and they will be notified via email right after.
  • The Twitter character limit is not affected when you add a media file - you will still have 140 characters for your tweet.
  • You can now easily create Facebook carousel posts to get more content into a smaller space.




It's now possible to not only create organic Facebook carousel posts but also to promote them!



Page impressions metric for Facebook has been added to Measure, so you can see the total number of impressions seen of any content associated with your page.



You can now export your mentions as a .csv file based on your queries and applied filters.



Mentions view in Listen is now available as a separate view at the top of your projects.



If you need any help with any of the new Falcon features, get in touch using the in-app chat.