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Brand overview quick report | November

Our Release Log documents the latest Falcon developments & fixes.


Below is a summary of what's new in the Falcon platform for the week commencing 16th November 2015:


For Twitter, Likes now replace Favorites.

Just click the heart to show your audience that you like a tweet.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.37.11


You can now combine wildcard and proximity clauses in your listen queries.

For example, listening to “social manage*”~5 will return results containing text such as:

Social media requires careful management.

An effective manager spots trends on social.

My team manages our brand's social media presence.

The ability to add a wildcard negates the need for multiple proximity clauses. For example “social manager”~5 OR “social management”~5 OR “social manages”~5 returns the same results as “social manage*”~5.


Brand Overview quick report

Facebook post reach data possible on all relevant posts. No more missing data on those posts where data is available.



Bug fix - Geo-targeted users can now view all relevant content that is geo-targeted to their location, even if the content is geo-targeted to multiple countries.


Images of file size larger than 10MB are now accepted in apps.