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Platform optimizations | February

Our Release Log documents the latest Falcon Social developments & fixes.


Over the past few months we have taken a lot of your feedback to heart and took a long hard look at the engine room of the Falcon Social platform.

We're happy to announce that February has been a month of releasing one speed improvement after the other - all to help you.

This week we can highlight the following releases:



  • Overall performance improvements have been released, resulting in much quicker load times throughout the platform.

In addition, the memory used by your browser to run Falcon has been greatly reduced - from up to multiple GB at times, to just hundreds of MB. This will especially benefit those who run the platform using older machines.



  • We completely rebuilt the engine on which Engage is running.
  • The 'indexer' that handles incoming messages and how things are displayed has also been rebuilt. 

This means that messages to your channels will appear faster, and your feeds/messages will load almost instantly.

Note: because of the new engine we are loading better historical data, which means that at times you will see an unread message that can be quite old. It's important to note that this only happens when the content has not been in Falcon before.



  • Reports now load much faster, especially when you have a lot of active reports.



  • A number of minor optimisations were released, fixing minor performance issues.



  • You can now select date ranges that are more than two years in the past.
  • The Community Quick Report option has been modified to better represent the data about your audience.