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Tag Facebook pages | March

Our Release Log documents the latest Falcon Social developments & fixes.


Below is a summary of what's new in the Falcon Social platform for the week commencing 23rd March 2015:




New feature: Tag other Facebook pages

You can now expand your engagement possibilities by tagging other Facebook pages in your status updates.



New feature: Content calendar export

You now have the option to export your content calendar as a cvs file to help provide a data-driven overview of your scheduled posts.





New feature: Comment level search

We've provided the option to search threads for specific comments, using the same deep level filtering as offered at the thread level.


New feature: Images in comments

When users send an image in a comment to your public posts, you will be able to see the image within Engage and take an appropriate action.

Engage-advanced filters




New feature: new Facebook metrics

In our ongoing quest to add more and more metrics to help you evaluate your content performance we just added three new reach metrics for Facebook posts:
  • Organic post reach: The number of people who saw your post in their Newsfeed or Ticker or on your Page's wall.
  • Viral post reach: The number of people who saw your Page posts via a story from a friend.
  • Fan post reach: The number of people who have liked your Page who saw your page post.





New features:

  • Tap to Like, Favorite, Retweet.
  • Improved post handling - you can review video content within Inspire.
  • New settings page - so you can better organise your permissions.
  • Updated look & feel.


If you need any assistance with any of the new Falcon features, feel free to reach out to [email protected]