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Brand new Listen engine | July

Our Release Log documents the latest Falcon Social developments & fixes.

This week, Listen got a big upgrade and now features a brand-new engine that is easier to use and more powerful.

What does it offer you?
  • Advanced query builder - with grouping possibilities and more filters available cross-network. Exactly what you asked for.
  • Filters - Cut through the noise with  sentiment, language, media, url, country, and Twitter Followers filters available cross network and within the query builder. Click here on how to get the most out of these new and advanced filters. 
  • Realtime results - you'll see your results instantly upon creation of a topic
  • Historical indexing - Access to a 7 day historical index helps you to see what kinds of results were generated previously to help match your query even closer. 
  • Sentiment - applied historically, helping to better understand campaigns and so much more.
It's not just in the Listen section where our developers have been hard at work.  We've made lots of UX/UI tweaks to make the system work even better for you. Highlights below:
We've released a new Engagement metric called Engagement Rate based on the number of people sharing stories about your page. With the new Engagement Rate metric, you’ll get more reliable data and historical benchmark data up to 2 years back.


To activate the new Engagement metric, you need to edit your reports, and select Engagement Rate. We strongly recommend migrating to the new metric now, as we will remove the old metric (Engagement Level) on 1st September 2015.

To make it even easier for you to re-purpose content, while still keeping an overview of your content calendar, we have added 3 buttons: Copy/Edit, View, Delete
From Monthly view:

When you zoom in to the weekly view, you'll see:


It's important to that if it is a Post that is scheduled, then instead of View, it will say Edit. You'll only see actions that are actually available to you at that time.
We've updated the graphs for bar charts and pie charts so they're easier to read. 
Bar chart example
image 5
Pie chart example
image 6
From all of us at Falcon Social we wish you a great summer and stay tuned: lots of cool stuff coming up in the next months.

As always, please feel free to let us know what you think about the platform via [email protected]