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Set Service Targets | December

Our Release Log documents the latest Falcon Social developments & fixes.


Below is a summary of what's new in the Falcon Social platform for the week commencing 7th December 2015:


The channel connection flow has been updated - it’s now possible to add additional tokens to Facebook pages. Read more.



You can now set Service Targets for your teams and gauge how many replies sent through Engage are meeting the expectations you set for your customers on social media. Read more.



Images received via Facebook direct message can now be viewed.



You are now able to Quote Retweet twitter posts from the Engage app.

You can now apply an unread filter on conversations.

Clicking links to posts will take you to the post within the native app.

Download the Engage app from Android Play Store or iOS App Store.



You can now build more complex queries by combining proximity and wildcard filters, along with being able to incorporate more negations in to your queries.

You can now navigate directly to a Topic from the Projects overview.

You can now create Alerts, based on the number of mentions your Listen project receives. Read more.


It is now possible to create a topic without giving it a custom name first. Note, topics created without a name will default to ‘Untitled Topic 1’, ‘Untitled Topic 2’, etc.



An updated filtering system now lets you better differentiate between content types or states. By default, all content created will be shown in the calendar, but you can now filter down to just see drafts, or just scheduled posts, for example.