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Twitter and Instagram videos | March

Our Release Log documents the latest Falcon developments & fixes.


Below is a summary of what's new in the Falcon platform for the week commencing 9th March 2015. Click the following links to jump to a particular product: Publish, Engage, Measure or Listen.



  • Twitter & Instagram videos can now be viewed
  • Mobile previews added to main editor


New feature: View Twitter and Instagram videos

Video is another element of social networks that is gaining popularity every day. To help you have the overview of your video posts, you can now also view and play your Twitter and Instagram videos from within Publish.

Here's how it looks in Publish.



New feature: Mobile preview of content

More and more users are turning to smartphones to engage with social media, and Falcon now helps you optimize your content for those smaller screens.

The mobile preview for each network is based on the latest versions of the native iOS apps. In particular, it reflects the previews as seen on iPhone 6. We’ve chosen iOS over Android due to higher consistency across iOS devices as compared to Android devices.




  • Re-design & advanced filters - Unpublished Posts & Sentiment
  • Instagram videos can now be viewed
  • Tweets with multiple images can now be viewed


New feature: New filter panel design and additional filters

Our Engage product now provides additional filtering options so you can filter by Dark/Unpublished Posts and Sentiment

For example, filtering on negative messages will help you quickly alleviate any issues your community might have.

New feature: Instagram video

Just like in Publish you can now view Instagram videos in Engage.

New feature: Tweets with multiple images

More and more tweets contain multiple pictures, and we now give you the possibility to review all of them.



  • Community report renamed
  • Facebook bug fixed


New feature: Community Report

The Measure report formerly known as Influencer Report has been renamed Community Report and the Influencer Score metric was renamed as Engagement Score to better reflect the data the report represents.

Facebook bug - backfilling of data

We have worked around a Facebook Insights bug, which affected Facebook data from 24th January 2015 to 10th February 2015, to correctly backfill data to Measure reports.



  • Sentiment analysis
  • Sticky dates


New feature: Sentiment analysis

Community and Brand Managers need to listen in to their company's audience in order to gauge how people are talking about campaigns, products, or the organization in general.

To help you out, Falcon now provides sentiment analysis on Listen mentions. For more details, including some FAQs, see this article.


New feature: Sticky dates

Listen projects now remember the dates when you navigate within the same project.

If you need any assistance with any of the new Falcon features, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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