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Features of 2014.

Learn more about the new features of Falcon from 2014.


Below is a summary of the key Falcon features released during 2014:



  • You can now be a part of multiple teams, executing varying user roles.



  • The Falcon Home screen was released, providing you a quick overview of your social activities.





  • Falcon's innovative Content Pool was released, allowing you to repurpose your best content.
  • Copying content is now possible.
  • Publish was rebuilt entirely, with optimizations and a new look.
  • The Aviary Photo Editor was added for your basic photo editing needs.
  • You can now schedule content to different time zones.
  • Approval - you can now send posts for approval before they are published.
  • Notes - you can now discuss a post before it is published.



  • Discovery was released, allowing you to deep-dive in to your mentions.
  • You can now share all non-social mentions to your own networks/channels.
  • Retweeting and replying to tweets is now possible.
  • Twitter-specific filters such as follower count are now possible.
  • Full Tumblr, Disqus and Wordpress firehose - basically all public data from these sites/networks is accessible.
  • The design and performance has also been updated.



  • Measure was re-launched to bring new ways to build and edit your reports.
  • You can now export reports to CSV/XLS/PDF files.
  • More date options: you can now go back one year. Also, dates are sticky, meaning you can for example create multiple monthly reports, as the report will remember the date range you selected last.



  • You can now add a Captcha component for viral apps.
  • The Contact app option was added.



  • The Falcon Social publishing app was released to both Google Play and the iOS App Store.
  • The Inspire app for employee advocacy programs was released.


We will endeavour to innovate and develop throughout 2015. If you have any questions or would like to submit a feature request, contact us via [email protected]