5 Benefits of Attending a Digital Marketing Conference.

We explain why podcasts and webinars are no substitute for being physically present at a marketing conference.
TJ Kiely
October 8, 2019 - 4 min. read

In today’s digital age, many people may be wondering: Why do you need to physically attend a marketing conference anymore? Given the number of blogs, podcasts, and webinars available, this is a valid question – but sometimes, there’s no substitute for the real thing.

This short but sweet list of the top reasons to attend a conference, explains the benefits of attending a digital marketing conference or event in person. And after reviewing these benefits of attending a marketing conference, you’ll be ready to book your conference tickets.

Never stop learning

Algorithms, tools and best-practices are constantly changing, so no matter how experienced you are in digital marketing, you’re constantly having to learn new skills – and a marketing conference can be the perfect way to do so. Marketing conferences allow you to learn how other organizations are tackling the same challenges you are from leading experts and top brands. This type of exposure to different sources of knowledge can help you uncover new approaches to solving problems you could be having with your CRM system or expose you to new tools for simplifying workflows.

Additionally, the industry experts that you have the chance to exchange tips and tactics with, become a part of your knowledge pool, which leads us to the next point.

If you’re looking for the top digital marketing conference to attend in 2021, check out our list for inspiration.

Network with the best and brightest

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Attending a digital marketing conference allows you to expand your personal network, which can lead to new business, career, or personal growth opportunities. Getting out there is a great way to meet people in your industry who could potentially help you advance your knowledge and career through partnerships or job recommendations.

Regularly attending events like Content Marketing World or Social Media Marketing World (one of the best social media conferences we have attended, ever!) can also help you become more well known within your specific industry. And given the importance of a strong network and good reputation today, this active networking is vital to career growth.

If you need help convincing your boss to let you attend a professional conference, check out the customizable email template we’ve put together. It outlines several points that serve as justification for attending a marketing conference.

Capture killer content

Best social media conferences 2018
Along with planning what you are going to wear to a conference and what sessions you want to attend, you may also want to prepare a social media or content marketing plan. Conferences are ripe with opportunities for sharing information on both your organizations and your personal social media accounts.

And being connected on social media at an event can help you connect with other attendees or speakers. So always be sure to check the event’s hashtag or social media accounts to see who else is present that may be up for a discussing the points of a specific presentation further.

It’s also very likely that your connections on a social media network like LinkedIn would be interested in learning what the growth hacking or new tools are being discussed at the conference if they can’t also attend. So don’t be shy about sharing!

Explore new cities and countries

Stuck in a rut? Traveling to a new city or new country could be an ideal remedy. For some inexplicable reason, most marketing conferences take place in some of the most beautiful cities around the world (not that I’m complaining) like San Diego and Lisbon.

For example, Spark powered by Falcon.io takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark – one of the happiest places in the world. 

Attending a conference in a different city is also an excuse to experience different cultures (especially if you are able to extend the trip through the weekend!).

Work hard, play hard!

Although conferences are primarily educational experiences, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun.

The event space is a competitive one, so the teams behind these conferences are putting more and more effort into creating memorable experiences – not only talks. This includes DJs, theatrical performances, food trucks, and art installations. Most marketing conferences (regardless of size) also organize a networking event or after party. After all, networking seems less intimidating after a glass of wine, right?

All in all, attending a marketing conferences is an ideal way to get inspired, meet new people and travel to new places. In fact, there are too many benefits of attending a conference to list out here. If you’re interested in attending a digital marketing conference this year, we have a pretty good suggestion.