Social Content With The Post.

Discover how Dutch content marketing agency The Post manages social media content for their clients. We caught up with Ellen Kleinlangevelsloo, Content Director.

Jan McQuillan
Jan McQuillan
November 26, 2015 - 1 min. read

The Post is a content marketing agency managed by a team of specialists based out of Zwolle in The Netherlands. 

The Post creates social content and strategies for top Dutch brands, including Alticom (who own most of the country’s TV towers) as well as banks, schools and consultancy agencies. Their varied clients have at least one thing in common—the desire to delight customers with great content.

They realized that useful and entertaining content is the key to unlocking social media success. Read the case study to see how they collaborate to create and manage outstanding client content on social. 

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Learn how The Post uses Falcon to carry out social media management for their clients.