Call me Develops Customer Relationships With Falcon.

Mobile Provider Call me needed a powerful, cohesive social management platform to communicate with 121,000 followers. Here’s what led them to choose Falcon to develop their relationships.

Mary Liebowitz
February 25, 2014 - 3 min. read

Who is Call me?

Call me is a Danish mobile operator with 100 employees and over 300,000 customers – about 3% of the Danish market share. They are a part of the Telia Sonera Group, the 5th largest European telco.

How does Call me use Falcon?

Through Facebook, Call me manages social marketing, as well as social media customer service, and have a heavy focus on social moderation to capture any mentions or service opportunities.

“We’re communicating,” says Lasse Storgaard, Marketing Manager at Call me, “we’re developing a relationship.”

Social campaign – Watch your mouth/tal ordentligt

Call me calls itself a “mobile company with a social agenda”. To speak to their dedicated company culture and sense of social responsibility, they developed the “Tal Ordentligt” (Watch Your Mouth) campaign, a Cannes Lion recipient, which is housed on its own Facebook pages.

Through Tal Ordentligt, and a second Facebook page, “Tal Ordentligt på Jobbet” (Watch Your Mouth at Work), Call me facilitates communities with over 121,000 followers, sharing content to encourage a good tone in conversations, and in the workplace.

This campaign ties back to the company culture successfully, as a reflection of Call me’s values. Call me is able to manage content distribution and moderation through the Falcon platform.


Call me has exceeded their own engagement and reach KPIs, quarter after quarter, and feel they are in a position to drive their social channels not just by the channels’ rules themselves, but by their own measurement, and for their own purposes.

They enjoy deep-diving into the analytics behind their social engagement, and clearly understanding their customer paths and return on investment (ROI).

While they still see Facebook as a customer service channel which also allows them to give attention to customer loyalty and retention, their focus is on relationship building, which feeds into the overall customer experience – not just directly as a conversion channel.


Call me has been able to increase their revenue from Facebook by 19%.


 Their social channels are moderated by a Community Manager, working in conjunction with a handful of Customer Service representatives, and are overseen by a Marketing Manager who is responsible for the media mix.

Call me originally used Facebook as a channel to be able to respond to client’s questions, but in the past 2 years, have been able to leverage Facebook as a content distribution channel. Currently, Call me uses Facebook to proactively and purposefully distribute content that will educate customers about their products and culture, and develop meaningful customer relationships.

The app-building feature in the Falcon platform allows the team to work quickly and independently, and with real-time collaboration they are able to efficiently cover inbound messages across teams.


Customers who were socially engaged had a 32% larger shopping basket at checkout.



Call me aims to continue to build their community and streamline content to drive relationships.

“Before we got to our Eureka! moment,” says Storgaard, “we had trouble with content. We were dumbing down the internet. We were cat videos.”

Call me now looks to continually deliver value-adding content, managing their social channels and effectively engaging with their audiences.

How did Call me become a Falcon customer

Because of Call me’s moderation needs and team size, they needed a platform that included a good overview of moderation and historical info. They also had a need for an app builder, where they could make changes themselves. was recommended by the Danish agency, Isobar. Call me’s community manager began a trial, and immediately felt that the Falcon platform was a great fit for their needs, and he really enjoyed the ease-of-use. He saw that the moderation abilities, the opportunities to share tasks across teams, and the real-time reach was just perfect for their social management needs, and they signed on as a client.

Video: Call me Visits Falcon

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