How to Update Your CRM for the Customer Experience Age.

CRMs are more vital than ever, but need the real-time agility only social media brings.
Chris Sugrue
December 15, 2016 - 4 min. read

How do you bring your trusty CRM system into the age of customer experience marketing? By hooking it up with its millennial coworker, social media. Social relationship management is the perfect generational union, allowing brands to hydrate CRM entries with evergreen social data.

CRM (customer relationship management) technology has been a mainstay for companies for longer than you may think. The first application rolled out in 1986. The acronym was coined in 1995. Twenty years on and the concept is more vital than ever, but CRM data alone no longer cuts it.

That’s why we’ve now made it possible to sync your CRM with Falcon Audience.

social relationship management

With a pedigree stretching back to the 80s, CRMs are vital but can sometimes seem a bit two-dimensional.

So why do that?
CRM data is still invaluable to customer relationships. It gives you contact details along with transactional history and other key information.

However, despite what many businesses still think, CRM data alone is not enough to foster a valuable customer experience. Why? Because it lacks empathy. It doesn’t listen to or attempt to understand how customers feel. And feelings are at the heart of managing a successful customer journey.

social relationship management

Now, by adding social data to CRM entries, you get a fuller picture of the modern customer journey.

The missing link in customer experience management
In our recent Customer Experience Trends report, 78% of participating marketers said customer experience is important or very important to their marketing strategy.

Most (68%) also track the customer journey over digital touchpoints, including social media. However, 32% use different data streams for different touchpoints, meaning they can’t cross-reference that data and are missing out on some vital insights.

One of the key reasons given for this was the lack of the right tool for the job–which is precisely the social relationship management gap that Audience and its CRM integration capabilities have been designed to fill.

How to bridge social and CRM
You can now sync your CRM data with the Falcon platform, bulk-importing the data into its Audience profile cards.

We launched Audience back in May. It’s a uniquely powerful profiles base that evolved Falcon beyond its social media management foundation. Audience allowed you to import selected CRM data from day one, but now you can bring your entire Salesforce database into Falcon.

Making old school data agile
Simply plug Salesforce into Falcon and import the data. If the profile is new to Audience, a new card will be generated. If they are already there, you can merge your CRM entries with the existing profile. Information such as phone and account numbers are mappable to the appropriate fields in Audience.

Once there, that individual’s social interactions with your brand will continually enrich what you know about them. Not only that, Audience also collects their social media activity beyond your owned channels involving terms or hashtags you are monitoring with Falcon’s listening tool.

Advanced machine learning algorithms help fill in the blanks by extracting commonly discussed topics, and predicting the customer’s gender.

social relationship management

Audience profiles log each social interaction individuals have with your brand.

For all customer-facing teams
With CRM and social data merged in readily accessible profiles cards, everyone from social media managers to customer support can know who they’re talking to.

More and more conversations between brands and customers now take place in social channels. Forrester Research found that 31% of consumers now ‘constantly’ use social media to interact with companies – a jump from 27% in 2015. This makes the ability to connect that Twitter handle with a profile not just invaluable, but increasingly mandatory.

The classic pet peeve of having to repeat yourself over and over to helpdesk operators hasn’t gone out with telephone support. Far from it. Today’s connected customer expects a seamless transition and personalized engagement no matter what the touchpoint is.

And the sharpest targeting to date
Not only does Audience draw a more detailed picture of the individuals in your profiles, it enables you to build custom segments based on specific topics, behaviors or labels. You can place individuals in the most appropriate and effective categories for continued interaction.

The technology then highlights trends within these segments allowing the marketer to optimize campaigns and brand interactions accordingly.

social relationship management

You can filter by topics and hashtags to create new audiences.

The best of both worlds, in one place
With your CRM and social data now sharing the same profile card, you have a level of customer visibility never before achievable with one tool. You not only have all the figures you need at your fingertips, you have a deeper understanding of where you stand with this person, and even what they’re likely to want.

What more could you want in a relationship?

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