Charting Social Success With TUI Nordic.

How TUI Nordic delivers seamless customer service to over 832k followers. 
Manita Dosanjh
February 1, 2016 - 1 min. read


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Being part of the world’s largest travel company is no easy ride. As a subset of TUI Group, TUI Nordic has grown to become the largest travel company in the Nordic market, running well-known brands like Finnmatkat in Finland, Star Tour in Norway and Denmark, Fritidsresor in Sweden, and WonderCruises throughout all four nordic countries. TUI Nordic has secured 20% of the Nordic market share, serving over 1,557,000 customers.

When people travel, natural disasters have the potential to disrupt their experience and result in a negative impact on your brand. Customers have concerns and need support, and when the number of queries is too large for a local representative to handle, the questions naturally float to social media.

We caught up with Anni Aarni, Social Media Specialist at TUI Nordic, to find out how the company has built its impressive social customer service, and how TUI has led the travel industry’s evolution into a social-first business.

Read the case study to learn how Anni and her team pulled off this incredible effort.

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