Connecting Offline With Digital: Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

Nurturing digital relationships is tough when you’re an offline business, but Flying Tiger Copenhagen found an easy solution. Here’s how they did it.
Manita Dosanjh
August 24, 2016 - 1 min. read


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gender insight on social fans


Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a rapidly expanding brand of design stores owned by Zebra A/S.

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, the brand has exploded internationally and now has 656 stores in 28 countries and counting. On average it opens three stores each week and launched its US presence in 2015.

Being primarily an offline retail company, Flying Tiger Copenhagen needed a way to bring their very strong offline customer relationships into digital. They knew that this would enable them to gain more insights into their customers’ digital journey, and collect insights on how to inspire more repeat purchases.

The brand needed an easy way to connect offline and online customers data, and display it in an intuitive UX.

Read the case study to learn how Flying Tiger Copenhagen is indexing more detailed customer data, and how they used this to increase their audience on social.


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