Responsible Community Management With Svenska Spel.

Learn how Svenska Spel, one of the world’s most responsible gaming companies, completed a social media integration to support customers and increase productivity.
Joe Bertino
May 13, 2014 - 6 min. read

Background: joy for all

Headquartered in Gotland, the largest and most medieval island in the Baltic sea, Svenska Spel is Sweden’s largest state-authorized lottery. It’s an unlikely location for a gaming giant, but Svenska Spel isn’t your typical operator; their mission is a matter of public health.

Problem gambling is a behavior that disrupts personal or professional pursuits — a condition that has resulted in several worldwide policies to combat the addictive nature of gambling. As an accredited member of the World Lottery Association, Svenska Spel is a proven leader in the field of responsible gaming; in 2008 they received the WLA Award for Responsible Gaming Excellence. In addition to following the guidelines created by the WLA, as well as state sanctioned regulations, employees at Svenska Spel are encouraged to prioritize the social welfare of all customers, which includes an increased effort to connect on social media.


Svenska Spel has offices in Visby and Sundbyberg, and partner casinos run by Casino Cosmopol in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Sundsvall.

By joining online discussions to educate and support, Svenska Spel’s community managers have become the unsung heroes of responsible gaming. Along with a workforce of nearly 2,200 employees, they strive to “deliver attractive games in a responsible manner.” And, at all costs, bring joy to the loyal gamers of Sweden.

Challenge: searching for structure

Emmy Zettergren Nordström was growing tired of juggling. “We had to go through every channel,” she said. “And we have loads of them. About 30 to be exact. It takes time and you kind of have to make some sort of schedule to make sure you don’t miss anything.”

As a community manager at Svenska Spel, Emmy is in charge of engaging with customers across a range of social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn; in the coming months she expects to add Instagram and Tumblr to her already busy content calendar.

“We needed to find a system that could offer a complete integration of our customer support in social media as well as a system that could let our social media team get more structured when it comes to publishing and monitoring. In a way we were looking for a complete package that could help us with all aspects of our work without us having to use several systems.”

Emmy Zettergren Nordström

With a growing roster of social media channels, each one with a unique set of responsibilities and engagement methods, Emmy needed to find a better way to support her customers; She was looking for a platform to meet three criteria: simple to use, powerful enough to manage high-volume conversations, and scalable to accommodate each additional communication channel.

“After the presentations made by all candidates Falcon was the only option we were really happy with,” she said. “Mostly because of the well-integrated customer support.”


Triss is the most popular lottery ticket in Sweden.

Discovery: peace of mind

After completing our integration process and participating in a few educational webinars, the team at Svenska Spel was ready to put the Falcon platform to use; it didn’t take too long for Emmy to notice positive results.

“Since we no longer have to log in and out of different platforms the workflow is much smoother,” she explained. “And we feel more confident that we do not miss any important questions.”

By providing a system for consolidated feedback and support, Emmy witnessed an immediate though less obvious advantage to the Falcon platform: peace of mind. While most community managers are tasked with initiating conversations and sustaining high levels of engagement, at Svenska Spel they also need to monitor for warning signals — something as simple as a missed tweet, in Emmy’s case, and in respect of their responsible gaming initiatives, can have consequences.

“I really believe being present in social media helps us explain to our customers why we exist and how we look at the betting market. We can build a relationship with them and guide them when they feel lost. And we can discuss the politics that is the foundation of the betting environment in Sweden. On a more personal level; If we, for example, notice that a customer seems to be having problem with their betting behavior we ask them to take a break or to contact us so that we can help them get help. We reach out instead of making people contact us. And at the same time we try to show people that betting can be fun, if you play with moderation, by talking about our products.”

Emmy Zettergren Nordström

Instilling a process that specializes in real-time community management not only allowed Emmy to proactively support customers, but it also introduced an important metric: response rate. This performance benchmark, coupled with a new-found sense of calm, was a revelation — and it didn’t stop there.

Solution: complete social media management

Confidence and know-how are important elements for success on social media, but sustainable value relies on more. Social strategies, in order to flourish, must elicit support from other departments and reflect shared business goals; the process is built on collaboration. And with response rate on her mind — customers come first at Svenska Spel — Emmy’s next step was to extend their social strategy, including three specific areas for improvement:

Setting up product-specific listening projects

By funneling all channel activity into a central location, the community management team at Svenska Spel could design listening projects to monitor for popular products or questions. These projects could be broken up by team or location, and responded to quickly with a knowledgeable response. According to Emmy, “It also made it easier to hand the support questions over to the support team since we didn’t have to put up an advanced system for them to check all our channels.”

Supporting cross-disciplinary workflows

While setting up listening projects introduced a new workflow, so too did using the Falcon platform to assign tasks and engage with customers. A major benefit, and departure from previous habits, was participating in real-time conversation. Gone was the need to establish “timeframes,” which Emmy explained as time allocated to handle support-related inbounds depending on a specific channel’s activity or follower count.

Creating channel-specific content

With the help of structured workflows between customer support and community management, more time became available to plan editorial calendars. Creating content is easy to put off if your main goals are engagement and support, but with a better process in place Emmy and her team were able to spend more time exploring Falcon’s publishing capabilities.

“We can now work more structured within the social media team and we can rely on the customer support taking all the questions where the community managers had to help out a lot before,” she said. “Now we can focus more on working with creative content in our channels.”

Finally, the team built on responsible community management was starting to position themselves as complete social media players. The only thing missing was a way to show the value generated to the rest of the company.


 Employees at Svenska Spel’s headquarters in Visby.

Results: improved response rate

In a few short months, Svenska Spel’s community managers have elevated their craft. Instead of jumping between profiles and fulfilling ad hoc requests, the team now uses the Falcon platform to manage creative resources and cross-disciplinary workflows. This new approach has resulted in profound and sweeping changes across the entire organization, but no one notices more than their customers.

With response rate as a key performance indicator for successful community management and support, Svenska Spel is using social media to channel their mission to become a responsible gaming advocate. And where previously a question from a customer might go unanswered, it is now responded to within an hour — a remarkable benchmark that the team is striving to shrink even further.

“A channel with loads of activity would demand presence every hour while a less active channel needed less presence,” said Emmy. “But with Falcon it is so easy to keep track of all channels at the same time that we now are present all the time answering questions within an hour no matter where the question was written.”

More impressive, however, is the latest goal for the social media team: proactive customer support. If Emmy can pull this off the WLA might need to reconsider their definition of excellence.

“Next step worth looking in to is extending the support to also answering questions not directed to us, but where people talk about us, “ she said. “This is important to show that we are proactive and willing to help in any situation.” 


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