Lessons From Woodie's Astonishing Social Growth.

How Woodie’s built an engaged social following of 58,000 people in under 1 year.


Manita Dosanjh
September 6, 2015 - 1 min. read

Since its first store opened in June of 1987, Woodie’s has understood that DIY is about more than just power drills and paint samples. Knowing that renovating your home is an emotional experience has helped the brand grow into Ireland’s market leader for all things homey. Boasting thirty-seven branches across the country, Woodie’s is now the biggest chain of DIY superstores in Ireland.

Just over a year ago, Woodie’s social presence was almost non-existent, but the company has jet-propelled its channels into a social engagement machine, with an audience that rivals some of its most notable competitors. The brains behind this transformation has been social media specialist Laura Lynam. With support from the wider marketing team, Laura has spearheaded Woodie’s social growth from nothing in 2014, to a community of 58,000 across newly established Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vine channels.

Woodie's Social Customer care

Woodie’s take on establishing a social strategy from modest beginnings exemplifies what should be at the core of every brand’s marketing roadmap: engagement first, growth second.

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