Building a Social Media Dashboard With Carlsberg.

From a consolidation request to an international social media dashboard. See what one of the world’s largest breweries built by partnering with Falcon.
November 26, 2015 - 1 min. read


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With over 500 beer brands in their portfolio, Carlsberg Group is focused on becoming the fastest growing global brewer in the world—a goal that places an emphasis on creating a more customer-focused sales strategy. But in order to develop their many digital communities, Carlsberg needed a way to consolidate their social media efforts, and to institute a scalable system to enable greater efficiencies.

Tasked with assembling Carlsberg’s digital technologies, including the consolidation of social channels, Martin Majlund is responsible for collecting social data and creating targeted communications to increase customer engagement—an equal parts blend of marketer and technologist. 

The job of consolidating global social media accounts, 90 at that time, involved communicating focused but flexible terms and conditions to brand and community managers; these guidelines needed to be created, and then relayed via training exercises and other internal communications.

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