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Discover how Joakim Radiomann Killingberg, Head of Social Media at WiMP, used Falcon to solve their unique challenge of connecting social media teams, ‘Keeping it Local’ and increasing engagement by 200%.
Jan McQuillan
August 15, 2014 - 4 min. read


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Since the early days of Rhapsody back in the noughties, freemium and premium services have fought hard to convince the music afficionados out there that streaming is the best way to listen. It’s fair to say that we’ve been convinced, with most mobile providers now offering easy integration with music streaming services so that we can listen on the move. Call to mind music streaming services – I bet some names easily trip off the tongue. There are some big players out there, with big marketing budgets to match.

WiMP is different. Based out of Oslo, WiMP caters for 5 territories: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland. It offers a premium service HiFi quality audio for PC, mobile, tablet, and cloud-based wireless services such as Bluesound. The folks at WiMP are audiophiles and demand HiFi quality from their music streaming, and of course they’re also big musicheads. They live and breathe local music, and they want conversations with their fans that reflect their own passions. To this end, they have editorial and customer support teams in each of the 5 countries in which they operate. This means that if you’re a WiMP subscriber in Germany, you get access to a magazine written by local music journalists, as well as daily music tips featuring new upcoming bands near you, and forgotten favorites.

“We are not a big machine like some other music streaming services. Our focus is an editorial approach to music. We have local teams in every country (…) this makes everything a bit complicated in terms of social media.”


Joakim quickly recognised that his major challenge was to connect the geographically scattered teams and their social efforts, whilst allowing room for the personal and local touch that subscribers crave. When we spoke to Joakim as part of a Q&A back in March 2014, he told us that he chose out of the 20 social media management platforms he explored because of the ability to plan posts, manage teams and easily assign work between teams. WiMP staff members can review each other’s work directly in the platform, saving time going back and forth over email.

“We were looking for a product which had post planning, team management and easy assignment from editorial teams to customer support. Falcon gave us all of this, as well as a lot of other functionalities.”

Joakim has become a champion of team management, both inside and outside of the platform. Following an onboarding with a member of our customer success team, he went on to develop workflows and teams within the platform to cater for the diverse roles within WiMP. Joakim then translated his knowledge as part of workshops within each country, focussing on different Falcon products for different teams.


WiMP’s customer support teams need to stock conversations with customers, so Engage (our moderation tool) is well used by that team. Editorial staff use Publish to create content and distribute across their different networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Falcon is also key for WiMP’s editorial teams in terms of gathering information on what is trending in the local music landscape. They are heavy users of our social media listening tools, setting up campaigns and filters to gather information on what’s happening in their area. They use the results for idea generation, and will often create a piece inspired by a comment or blog post that they find in our Listen product.

Joakim has supplemented communications about social media by creating a closed Facebook group so that his teams can share results about new features released within our platform, things that went well, and ideas that didn’t really work. If he notices that certain individuals or teams have not adopted a specific Falcon feature, he steps in to offer support.

Joakim cascades monthly reports across all teams and acts on results. He always picks out a ‘best in class’ example from one of the regions – if an approach works well in Poland, can it be replicated in Sweden whilst also keeping it local? Joining up teams has enabled collaboration on a much larger scale than ever before, and WiMP has seen a clear impact in terms of advertising and editorial successes.



Since WiMP’s adoption of Falcon, and with Joakim at the helm, the team communicates and collaborates more and more. Joakim has managed to shift the organizational perceptions around social, so that now his teams think more about real online conversations, and less about ‘likes’ and ‘follows’. Successes are measured with both a qualitative and quantitative focus.

Since implementing Falcon, Joakim has been able to measure engagement with his social communities for the first time. Between January 13 and August 14, he observed a minimum 200% increase in engagement on WiMP’s social channels.

Joakim has also found that he has grown with the Falcon platform, and vice versa. He is in constant communication with the team here, and through working with us he has been able to shape the Falcon platform to meet his needs.

“I suggested small changes to the platform, and these updates have been made available within 2-3 weeks. I feel like Falcon is taking their customers really seriously.”


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