Q&A with WiMP.

What led the WiMP music platform, with employees across 5 countries, to choose Falcon to unify their social media management?
Mary Liebowitz
March 28, 2014 - 2 min. read

We sat down for a short Q&A with WiMP’s Head of Social Media, Joakim Radiomann Killingberg. Joakim works out of WiMP’s office in Oslo.

Who is WiMP?

WiMP is a premium music streaming service with HiFi quality audio and the first and only multimedia service with integrated editorial, magazine and video. Through local editorial teams in each country, WiMP provides daily recommendations, tips and playlists for any occasion. The service is available on mobiles, tablets, network players and computers.

What led WiMP to look for a social media management tool to help them?

At WiMP, we’re a large team that works with social media – this includes an editorial team in every country, and customer support teams in every country.

We needed to be able to connect these team members more closely to each other, and get them all working together on one centralized platform. We wanted to be able to monitor our social media channels and take our social efforts past publishing, and be able to measure our efforts as well.

How did they find Falcon.io?

My boss tipped me off to Falcon.io before I even began seriously researching Social Media Management tools. When Falcon came up in a Google search, I tried a demo and saw that it was a very nice fit for us, and for everything we wanted to accomplish. I tested 20 different social media management tools in total, and we chose Falcon.

How is Falcon helping them to accomplish their goals?

With Falcon, we have the ability to connect our editorial team and customer support even better. This gives us a better flow for being able to connect with customers, and make sure they’re happy. It also gives our Editor-in-Chief a great, central overview of what’s going on in each country.

Would WiMP’s Head of Social Media recommend Falcon.io?

Yes. Depending on your budget, and what features you’re looking for, Falcon is a great platform. Further data analysis may require additional BI tools, but as a whole, it’s the best choice.

Thank you, Joakim!

To try out WiMP’s platform for yourself, please visit their website at www.WiMP.no.


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