Launching a Social Media Strategy With Arbejdernes Landsbank.

I caught up with Maria Brems Rasmussen, Communications Advisor for the Danish bank, to find out how she worked with us to roll out social media for the organization.
Jan McQuillan
March 27, 2015 - 3 min. read

Who is Arbejdernes Landsbank?
We are a well established and traditional Danish bank, having been around for almost 100 years. Our capital funding came from trade unions and cooperative enterprises, and today we are still owned by trade unions. Translated into English, our name is “The Workers’ Bank” – so we have a unique proposition in that we are funded by the people for the people.

What led Arbejdernes Landsbank to look for a social media management tool?
I came on board 18 months ago, bringing lots of data around the power of social media. At that point the bank was not active on social at all. Social media for banks is a developing picture. With a growing number of people in our target demographics using social media, and with the declining number of people consuming traditional media, we felt that social media would be appropriate for the bank. We decided to launch a social media strategy with Falcon’s help.

social media for banks

Maria Brems Rasmussen, Communications Advisor for Arbejdernes Landsbank.

Why did you choose Falcon?
We came on board with Falcon because we needed a tool to publish posts and engage with audiences on social, and because we wanted to accumulate knowledge and tap into some of the services on offer through Falcon such as a Social Media Audit. We appreciate both the tooling that Falcon offers, which is very intuitive and easy to use, and the “people” behind Falcon – the teams in Customer Success and Account Management that we can turn to when we need help. As we’re a little team working with social, that was an important factor for us.

How did you launch social media for your company?
We worked as a team here at the bank to identify our strategy and principles behind social media. We agreed that the main purpose for us being on social was to get into dialogue with target audiences, and we defined the topics on which we want to connect with audiences. 

We decided to roll out on Facebook and Twitter because the audiences of those social networks match up with our target demographics.

For the launch back in June, we had no social communities whatsoever, so I decided to run a Facebook competition for new fans to win an attractive prize. In less than one year we have almost 8,000 fans, and we’ve developed our content strategy to appeal to our fans’ interests – around banking primarily, of course!

“The social media audit was really useful. It was great to have a statistical analysis of our performance, to look into the anatomy of our posts and our strategy, and move forward.”

Maria Brems Rasmussen, Communications Advisor Communications Advisor, Arbejdernes Landsbank

How does Falcon help you accomplish your goals on social media?
Apart from the launch, one of our first interactions with Falcon was collaborating on a social media audit. Back in 2014 we were starting from scratch when it came to social media, and the period June-December was very much us testing the waters. We therefore wanted an external performance review, to determine a baseline which would then inform our KPIs going forward.

We gave account access to Helle and Pierre in the Customer Strategy team at Falcon, and they began measuring our performance. They gave us examples of posts that did very well, as well as those that didn’t go so well, and insights and advice for us going forward. It was really useful to have a statistical analysis of our performance, to look into the anatomy of our posts and our strategy, and move forward. It was also great that the audit was completed externally, because it released us to do other things, and when we needed to present the results to our other internal stakeholders it was helpful to have an independent review.

What are your next steps?
Now we’ve defined KPIs for the coming year based on the social media audit. We’re working on those, which are both challenging but also realistic in terms of building on what was achieved last year. We can’t wait to see where social takes us for the bank, and to continue working with Falcon!

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